Our complete cloud security is a comprehensive cyber security platform designed to provide wrap-around protection for all your business’s devices and communication channels.

Our All-in-one Solution does the job of three “best-of-breed” vendors

Can replace your web filter, your email filter and your desktop anti-virus.

Quick and easy to install and operate

Once you have our All-in-one Solution, you’ll spend less time configuring your security.

Costs less than current security solutions

Consolidate your antivirus subscriptions, cut costs and get great results with our cloud-based protection.

It’s time to move your antivirus protection to the cloud

See how moving to the cloud has a long list of advantages over many current security options.



Our Email Security Service is a cloud-based anti-spam, email security and archiving solution. It rids your organization’s incoming email of spam, while securing your network and data against malware, sophisticated blended threats, unwanted content and data leakage.



Our cloud-based security is the simplest and most cost-effective way to protect your data and devices from digital threats. Delivered as a continuously updated cloud service that is easy to deploy and manage from a single pane-of-glass console, iSheriff provides advanced multi-layered threat protection to keep your organization secure.



Our Endpoint Security Service is a cloud-based endpoint security platform offering advanced anti-malware technology to protect your organization’s endpoint devices from malware. This helps to secure and control the use of endpoint applications, while protecting against threats from removable media such as USB drives.