Office 365

lets you work anywhere on any device, accessing all your data, keeping you updated with the latest version and bringing you closer to your team.

What can Office 365 do for your company?

Quick & Easy Setup

Quickly deploy software and set-up users easily within your own admin centre

Cost Effective

Say goodbye to expensive servers & database licenses while reducing IT support & maintenance costs

Connect Across Mobile Devices

Work wherever you are on virtually any device, desktop, tablet or mobile phone. You have anywhere, anytime access to critical business documents synced across devices on the go.

Flexible & Scalable

Add users or licences as your business needs change. Changes in configurations can be done on the fly

Latest Version

Stay current and in control with automatic updates, – you’ll always be working on the latest secure version

Work from anywhere

As long as you have internet access, you can virtually work from anywhere on any PC, mobile phone or tablet

Securely Backed Up Data

Laptops & phones get stolen, hard drives fail, with disastrous consequences, but now your data can be stored & accessed in MS Office 365’s highly secure cloud, no matter what happens to your devices

No large layouts

Subscription licences for the software is on demand and can be set up in minutes. Licence fees are monthly so there are no long-term contracts